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Does your homeowners insurance cover septic system backups?

Unfortunately, the first sign that your septic system is frozen is sewage backing up into the basement.

A Septic Heater is the safest and most effective system for preventing septic systems from freezing up.

I wanted to write you a quick testimonial now that I have been using the septic heater for two seasons - this will be our third. 


I own a small cabin in central Vermont that is right on the lake, and the septic tank faces the lake on one side which gets a wicked cold wind.  Despite insulation on three sides and a snow cover it still froze 3 seasons in a row requiring my plumber and I to be out in the sub-zero temps pulling off the sewer cover and spending days thawing it out with hot water and heater - miserable. We had perhaps the coldest winter without snow the first season, then last season had ridiculous amounts of cold and snow and we got through just fine!  It is installed on the vent pipe and works great and its very easy to work with - I could install it myself if I needed to.  I do remove it each spring and reinstall in the early winter.


Also, this equipment is so essential that if you ever have spare parts, or think about stopping producing them, please let me know as I would buy a spare and parts!


Thanks again, hope you and your business are doing well.

Vanessa Johnson

December 2015


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septic system freezing
Septic Heater prevents frozen septic system
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