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Where should I install the Septic Heater?

Below” or “downstream” from the area that has a freezing problem.  If it’s freezing between the house & tank, install it above the septic tank.  If it’s freezing on the way or in the drainfield of a gravity system, place it above a dropbox, or distribution box.  If it’s freezing in the mound of a mound system, place it above the lift/pump station.

How do I install the Septic Heater?

Lower the sensor cord into the system and slide the Septic Heater onto a 4"” access pipe above the tank or in the drainfield.  If access pipes are larger than 4”", you can use an adapter for a proper fitting.  Plug the heater in using an outdoor extension cord and test for airflow.

Without airflow from the tank to the mound, how effective is this at keeping mound pipes ice free?

You would install the heater above the lift station.  This way, the weep hole will not freeze shut and the residual water after pumping can drain back into the lift station tank.  The weep hole freezing shut is the problem in a majority of mound systems that freeze because the main pipe to the mound always has water trapped in it that can freeze.

Is there a warranty?

There is a three year limited warranty on the Septic Heater.  If it fails, return it for your money back.

Would a heater for water troughs accomplish the same thing as your product?

Floating tank heaters are designed to heat 50-100 gallons of water.  An average sized septic tank holds 1500 gallons.  Tank heaters tend to short out if used in a septic tank due to the corrosiveness.   The benefit of the Septic Heater is that it circulates warm air through the system and is built to withstand the environment it works in.

How long does the Septic Heater last?

Expected life is 20,000 hours, or about 20 seasons.

I have two places in my septic system that freeze. Is one Septic Heater sufficient to take care of the whole system?

If there is airflow past both problem areas (no pump or lift between), you can place the Septic Heater "below" those areas and one Septic Heater should take care of your whole system.  The Septic Heater has been successful on systems over 300 feet long.  (Most are much shorter.)

How much electricity is used?

Electricity required for the Septic Heater costs about $1 per day on average.  This depends on depth of your system, snow cover and severity of winter.

What kind of power supply is required?

115Volt with a GFI receptacle.  (Standard outdoor outlet.)

Should I have a plumber install the Septic heater?

You can, however, it is easy to install, if you have a little knowledge of your septic system.

Is the Septic Heater easy to remove in spring?

Yes, and it is recommended.  Remove the heater & replace the access pipe cap.  Be careful not to damage the sensor cord during storage.

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