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Our Septic Heaters protect your customers and your reputation.


Who is the first person a customer calls when their septic system has frozen-up? 

You, the installer.  After explaining to them that the septic system was installed per code and inspected by the county, they are furious because they now need to call a pumper/jetter who is backlogged 2-3 weeks from all of the other septics that have frozen in your area.


Rather, offer your customers peace of mind and protection from freeze-up in the first place with a Septic Heater.  This patented technology blows hot air through the system, then out the roof vent of the house.  The Septic Heater is fully automatic (thermostatically controlled), and can also run full time in manual mode.  It blows 150F air into and through the system, and mounts onto a schedule 35 riser pipe above the tank, drop-box, or cleanout.  It runs on 120V, costs about $1.00 a day to operate, and is easy to remove during the summer months.


Our heaters have a 3 year warranty, guaranteed to work, or your money back.

Call with any questions and for installer pricing.

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